Case has a running start on this competition through the sponsorship of ENSCO, Inc. ENSCO is making available to Case its technical assistance and its advanced robotic vehicle, DEXTER, a top performer in DARPA’s previous Grand Challenge, the 2005 “Desert Challenge.”
Team Case would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous support and sponsorship:
Ensco Logo Mr. Richard Liu
Mr. Leslie Chung
National Instruments Logo Goodyear Logo Argon ST Logo CAA Logo
Bendix Logo Mr. Larry
CIT ’74
Glosser Manufacturing Company Logo The
George Gund
IEC Ifrared Imaging Systems Logo The Lusty Wrench Logo
The MathWorks Logo NASA Logo NovAtel Logo Parker Hannifin Logo QNX Logo Ridge Road Auto Parts Logo
Roadway Logo Mr. Grant
Saviers ’66
Mr. Larry
Sears ’69
SICK Logo Mr. Robert Tamaru ’77 Mr. Greg Young
Ms. Meredith Seikel, The Tien Family Trust, Mr. Greg Glosser, CSE ’90, GRS ’93, Team Wendy, LLC,
Mr. Sam Bell, Mr. Michael Karcic / Accurate Tech, Inc.
Case is currently seeking sponsorship and support for this high-profile, showcase project. Needs include: student support, acquisition of additional advanced sensor systems, and travel support for testing and competing. Alumni and friends can support Team Case directly by making an online donation.